State celebrates 75th Independence Day – From cycle race to children’s Tiranga rally

To celebrate the 75th year of Independence as a part of the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav campaign, government authorities in Talasari, Palghar district, Saturday organised a cycle race while school children performed plays.

Over 50 cyclists participated in the race in Talasari and many of them had Indian flags on their cycles. After the cycle rally, children from Anjali Ramji Khanjode English Medium School performed plays with messages of patriotism and secularism.

“The state government authorities, which included officials from Talasari police and revenue department and local MLA Vinod Nikole from Dahanu and MLA Shrinivas Vanga from Palghar, organised and participated in the events at Palghar,” said Satish Shivarkar, senior inspector at Talasari police station.

On August 11, two Tiranga rallies were organised by government servants in Gorai. One of the two rallies were attended by children from St Aloysius High School in Gorai.

“Around 475 children from the school walked on the streets from their school till Gorai police station with the police and teachers walking alongside them. At the police station, we all stood up for the national anthem. The children also chanted patriotic slogans. Another rally was kept for local residents. About 250 to 300 people from Gorai participated in the rally,” said Mandakini Narote, senior inspector of Gorai police station.

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