Flag unfurled above Earth; Tiranga in space

The hues of tricolour are being embraced far and wide, and not just in India, as the country celebrates 75 years of independence. With the country looking back at the journey of 75 years of freedom on the Independence Day, not just nations across the globe but the enthusiasm has reached space too.

A video has been shared by the Space Kids India – an aerospace organization “creating young scientists for the country”, according to its website – which highlights that with the help of a special Nano-Satellite Launch Vehicle (NSLV)-Balloon launch, tricolour was unfurled “30 km near space”.

Space Kids India was in the news recently when the ISRO’s Small Satellite Launch Vehicle took its maiden flight about a week ago. The launch – which was carrying a satellite developed by 750 girl students linked to Space Kids India – however, was not successful.

Meanwhile, the ISRO on Saturday tweeted another video of greetings from the International Space Station to mark India @ 75.

European Space Agency astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti’s message congratulating India was shared. “For decades, many international organizations have collaborated with India for many space missions. And that cooperation continues today,” she is heard saying in the clip, referring to the Earth Science Mission that will help in getting a better understanding of climate change.

Courtesy:- Hindustan Times

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