ADHS Mumbai to deliver Digital IEC display Boards To Over 100 Housing Societies in Navi Mumbai

Novel Public IEC oriented Initiative by Heart Foundation, and supported by Medicover Hospitals, Navi Mumbai
Navi Mumbai: To minimise burden of Malaria & vector borne diseases, Office of Astt Director of Health Services Mumbai along with Heart Foundation & Medicover Hospitals, has come up with a unique initiative of Public awareness by delivering digital IEC display boards to near about 100 Housing societies/Residential Complexes in the City of Navi Mumbai & Panvel to display information about various health issues, their symptoms, and precautions.
To raise such general awareness and boost one’s immunity, this joint initiative was launched and unveiled by Dr. Balasaheb Sonawane. Asst. Director Health Services NVBDCP. Mumbai ,Public Health Dept. Govt. Of Maharashtra in the presence of Mr. Jitendra Madhvi Ward Officer, Kharghar, & Dr. Jayakar Ellis, Founder President Heart Foundation and IEC Coordinator for the event and Dr. Sachin Gadkari, Centre Head of Medicover Hospitals, Navi Mumbai & Mr. Abhay Jadhav, Regional Marketing Head.
In today’s digital era, anything can go viral within a few seconds. So, one needs to be cautious while sharing or posting anything online. One should forward information that is authentic and authorized in concern with medical information and therefore Office of the ADHS-NVDCP Mumbai, Public Health Dept. Govt. Of Maharashtra, Panvel Municipal Corporation, conceived by Heart Foundation and supported by Medicover Hospital came up with a great move towards public health. More than 100 Housing societies of Navi Mumbai will get IEC Digital boards to display information about health issues and their precautions said Dr. Jayakar Ellis
Speaking On the occasion Dr. Balasaheb Sonawane, Asst.Director Health Services NVBDCP said, “ Govt has always taken and is taking a lot of initiatives to prevent dengue, malaria and other water borne diseases.
However These life threatening diseases can be further prevented to great extent if we take preventive precautionary measures on large scale. We are happy that Heart foundation and Medicover Hospital Navi Mumbai has come forward to support govt’s initiative of making our Country Maleria free by year 2030. Also, any initiative can’t be successful without involvement of public and society at large. So, I am very much thankful for the support by all of you and together we will definitely achieve the goals.
Speaking at the occasion, Dr. Sachin Gadkari, Centre Head, Medicover Hospitals, Navi Mumbai said, “Medicover hospitals is privileged to be a part of this CSR initiative. Diseases are spreading everywhere and there is a lack of awareness which leads to various fatalities. But in this initiative, we talk about it and help them to take care of themselves. As a hospital, we really want to focus on preventive health aspects of people and with this initiative, we are doing that, so we are thankful to be a part of this.”
 “Much has been done, and much is yet to be done. Fortunately, with various government programs, the control of dengue and malaria has been good. But with monsoons, we still have cases like these and even though they were less in COVID-19, they are now again on rising. This disease is more severe as it affects any and every age group of people. Although they are viral infections, they can also develop multiple complications if not treated in time. So, any fever should not be taken casually. Any disease which is diagnosed late leads to more complications while treating it. So, we all should be aware and spread the message. We have to act together. Fortunately, Medicover has state of art facilities and we will be there to help you in such case of illness,” says Dr Nikhil Varge, Consultant Physician at Medicover Hospitals, Navi Mumbai.
Mr. Abhay Jadhav, Regional Marketing Head, Mr. Jitendra Madhvi Ward Officer, Kharghar, Dr. Balasaheb Sonawane Asst. Director Health Services NVBDCP. Mumbai.  Public Health Dept. Govt. Of Maharashtra, Dr. Jayakar Ellis Founder President Heart Foundation & IEC Coordinator, Dr. Sachin Gadkari Centre Head of Medicover Hospitals, Navi Mumbai, Dr. Nikhil Varge Consultant Physician, Dr. Aditi Jain Senior Consultant Intensivist, Dr. Manish Pendse Senior Consultant Physician, Dr. Ujwal Dhundi Consultant Intensivist

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